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Building the Future of TV

One of the most exciting features of Liberty Global’s TV platforms are it’s open application architecture, allowing the easy standards-based development of interactive TV apps

Customers around Europe can choose from a broad collection of integrated app experiences to personalize and enhance their TV viewing experience or to communicate with others via their TV.

As a developer you can now be part of the success and help build the future of TV.

Develop your own special event app, create a great video or social app, think of a cool broadcast related app or come up with the next big game to play via the TV.

You create, you decide. Once submitted, your app is only a few steps away from joining a library of apps instantly available to our customers.

Online Development Kit

With our online development kit, detailed documentation and clear use case examples, you can start developing right away. If any issue or question arises during the development process, we will provide the technical support you need.

Once finished, your app will be reviewed and tested on our side. As soon as it has been approved, you will receive a notification with the release date in the App store per launch country.

Expose your App to Millions of Customers

The TV App Store experience is currently available in the
following European countries:

The Netherlands: Ziggo
7.0 million

Switzerland: UPC‑Cablecom
2.2 million

Hungary: UPC
1.6 million

Czech Republic: UPC
1.4 million

Germany: Unitymedia Kabel BW
12.7 million

Ireland: Virgin Media

Poland: UPC
2.8 million

New in Q1 2016:
Slovakia and Romania

The Liberty Global TV App Store is an open ecosystem.
Anyone can develop and submit an App.

To ensure Third party Apps are stable, reliable, have good performance, do not interfere with other Apps, functionality and the user interface, and are free of explicit and offensive material Liberty Global will review all TV Apps that are submitted.
Every App will be reviewed based on technical, design and content criteria. Technical and design criteria are mapped in the online developer tool and the content criteria are available in the Liberty Global TV App Store Partner Guidelines.

All Third Party Apps submitted for placement in the Liberty Global App Store must be compliant to these guidelines, and Liberty Global reserves the right to reject or remove any App that is not compliant to our App philosophy. These guidelines are also subject to change at any time. Liberty Global may waive any of these guidelines at its own discretion.

Start Developing, it's so Easy

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  1. Develop the app
  2. Test and submit
  3. Approval and distribute

Cloud-based Solution

Liberty Global has adopted the Metrological Application Framework (MAF) for its TV App Store. This is a cloud based solution, which offers app developers, content providers, networks, producers and broadcasters the opportunity to promote specific services or content in an attractive way via the TV.

Deployment of a new app can literally just take a few weeks.

Easy Templates for Great Interfaces

The MAF developer kit is available and comes with custom templates, available in three types:

Sidebar: your content in a side-by-side view while customers watch TV.

Full screen experience: your content displayed in full format to not distract your customers.

Customized: a number of tailor-made templates to let your content interact directly with TV shows as viewers watch them.